28 January 2010

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huiyu: there always room for improvement leon.. thought i still prefer leehom version. but still jiayou ok =)
Thanks Hui Yu, the next song I am recording is something quite close to me or have been somewhat a song that mediacorp used on one of my clips before =D heh


HoHo: Hey Leon can i say sth abt ur lastest cover "ai chuo". haha. if u noticed, for the 2nd chorus, u ended almost every line the same way. so nt realli nice for tat. =) But following on the "chong na li jiang luo" den its quite nice there. lOl. Nice recording overall =D
Well I noticed that hehe I will do more variations next time I perform this song again thanks


Huibing.: hit the play button not skip button!! Hahah nice one to the Leon's rendition! keep going! (:
Thanks Hui Bing, I always hope to come up with something different from the original, as in in terms of feel and way of singing, hope you all like it as well hehe


joycelyn: hey leon! i love the song :) u sang well!! good!! jiayou1!
Thanks Joycelyn it's encouraging =D


Been busy with many things, juggling my cash flow, being in my field, I am forced to be disciplined or must I say if I am not, probably I will just drop dead, there are many things I want to focus now but just that each one needs time and effort to go into....

As much as I dread not having a stable job, this career I am having now will give me good returns if I am focused ...

At least that gives me the chance to say to younger people next time that 'earning money is hard!' like what my parents always told me hahaha

Perhaps in my current situation I may wanna buy my doggies a unique clothing that will entertain me like the one above =D

It's Jessica Rabbit, I think she is one of the hottest cartoon characters ever, hehe I think Fidelis is going to kill me if she sees this, but seriously, I think my girl is the hottest! =D

Hey baby, let's have a photo shoot with you being Jessica Rabbit and me as a Mafia? okay!? I think it will look great!

check out this photographers blog with real life Pocahontas & Jessica Rabbit, I think the got great stills ...

Real Life : Pocahontas
Real Life : Jessica Rabbit

Didn't take much photos of my sis and Adrian (her bf, above with his catch) when they came back, but it sure was GREAT! spending time together as a family and also as siblings hanging out together again, hehe how can we miss prawn fishing and it's super fresh and delicious prawns yeah? so we caught 50 odd prawns in a spent of 4 hours with 3 rods which is not exceptionally well but it was the time spent that was wonderful

Went to Waraku with her last night, and I was picking up prawn eggs as usual as they were my favourite! hehe I even bought the eggs from Liang Court and brought them into a movie before but it stinks hahaha well I couldn't care less, just love popping them in my mouth and slowly exploding them hahaha

Another monthly race on the 21st, spot my ride? hehe well I did bad as there was something wrong with my steering DAMN! nvm feb I will do better! I MUST!

Stayed at home, did some research on the beautiful properties in Sentosa and surfed online awhile ... found some interesting stuff =D

A Rat-beetle? ....

This really made me look at it closely as it really looks like a freaking tortise!

Now you know how a car looks like if it's fat haha

Chinese New Year is coming! hehe yeh which means I will be collecting ang baos hahaha YEH!!!!

This year is my year, the year of the Tiger but basket it's not a good year for me la ... aiyo why like that ... sian one hahaha but I will make it my year!

Last but not lease I hope everyone, including myself knows what we want, have a direction and also have everything in their life going smoothly, seriously, If i ever become successful, I wanna see my friends doing well too! that is my wishes as always and always wanna to see happy people around =D

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19 January 2010

My very 1st song recorded in the comfort of my workstation at home ....

I felt that I could use more Sonax sponges as here were hard reflections in my enclosed room hmmm

listening to accuracy has also been reduced ... my vocals needs to be tuned softer as it didn't sound as loud on my supposed monitor headphones hmmm maybe it's time to get one more accurate?

And there were natural reverb hence I was forced not to place much into the song hence the dryness

anyway technical aspects aside


I feel i sound very enthusiastic ... please tell me if it's good? or not? haha I seem like a sales man on crack haha

Also I think I sorta butchered the song? hmmm I didn't have the required equipments or studio to record such "Loud" song hahaha

Anyway if this song sounds uncomfortable to you ... there are always the skip button for other songs I recorded ...


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18 January 2010

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: hey (: i really love your voice in the cover for xiao jing teng - yuan liang wo!(: ur voice is really nice!

Thank you, another Mandarin number coming up! hope you like it =D


woot! you had a car race on my birthday! xD
hehe Happy belated birthday!


: yays! happy 2010 too! and sad=( i cannot go ur 1st event in 2010! have school~!=(

No worries, come for the next one yeah? =D


hi ... happy new year Leon :D ..wish u lucky and happy so much :X:X:X

Happy New Year, I wish this year is great for everyone!

: you should look at Suzuki vitara/jimmy since you like to play off road rc trucks

YEAH!!! my AIM!!!! hahaha


: u have a nice quality to your voice but i think you really need to work on your eununciation alot more because the chinese accent sounds strong at times. that sad u prob do chinese songs better. : >
hmmmm ... I don't think it's sad well I am proud to be Chinese, anyway I will try to work on it, thanks!


After using twitter, it seems like I have less photos to be placed here, I guess I already put them on most of the tweets I have made ...

If you all have not been following me and want to know my nick in twitter do follow me @
Follow Leon on Twitter! =D

There are a lot of changes going on in my life, a lot of choices but little time. As the second passes my body gets older heh ... finally I can try recording in my somewhat studio and I have been thinking of what to record ... I decided to record a Mandarin song as I haven't done one for a long time ...


Just listened this month's cover song again ... I give it 5/10 , I think it really ABSOLUTELY SUCK!!! I will re do it and upload it soon!!! hahaha

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05 January 2010

Hello Readers, as it stated above, I will be having my 1st gig this 2010

It will be an acoustic set with my band mates Jarrell (Percussion) & Desmond (Bass)

I will be performing:

Poker Face
I'm Yours

Location @ Toa Payoh HDB HUB opposite Burger King
Saturday 9th Jan 1.50pm


Yep I will have an added set tml!!! Friday

Also Same timing same place 1.50pm


That's Why
Sleeping Child

Location @ Toa Payoh HDB HUB opposite Burger King
Friday 8th Jan 1.50pm

See ya there!!!

5:55 PM

Please listen to the music while you read this posting for better feel ...

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Asilah_Nbs: Hey Leon! Your songs are good man! Keep up the good work!
Thanks a lot Asliah, miss the days in NBSS haha how are you?


cheryl: you sing well!
Thanks, do feedback on other songs as well =D


Smilez: If you want her back, jia you!! If everyone dotes on her, show her u dote her even more ba... Don't give up..
Thanks a lot, we're back and better then ever =D


Jass: I like what smile says..
Yeah I like it too and smile! always k


hayley: :D
Smile =)


mel: Dont give up on someone you love. Jiayou!! smile ^^
Thank you really =)


Chantel: yes, but please figure out asap. make up your mind although its hard. but this is about 2 persons' happiness (: take kares
I have figured and loved whom I love =)


VAN.: how's your HD2? Good to use?
GREAT!!!! LOVE IT! buy it over the iPhone if you are a windows user !


Jimmy: where's my xmas pressie? LOL
Where is MINE!?


Vicki: nice song wor jia you
Thanks Vicki, congrats on the ROM k =D


tybabe: BoDyWorlds you go to look very interesting ... especially the part too .. hope that I will be visiting so
Yep do visit it if you can as it is so full of information...


S: ive liked you for a very long time already [but..):] and i wanna see you happy!
Wow ... thank you really, thanks for showing your love, I am happy now so be happy too k!


I see Christmas lights in my rear view mirror ... it seems like a period of time one is to be relaxed and calm but locals are just flocking the malls for Christmas gifts ... I personally didn't have the habit of celebrating the X'mas season and all I always want was more peace and happiness in the world ...

But the greatest gifts come in the visiting of 2 person ... My sister & Adrian (her bf) who is back from Australia to visit the family ... and I MUST thank them for they came back FOR the family ... this 2 weeks with them were great, and I learn the importance of being as a Family ...

Thank you Jie & Adrian, I love you both =)

Maybe I should bling my swifty to a Christmas mood as well hahahaha!

Thanks to Heng heng Corporation, I had a chance to visit Star Cruise Virgo for a few days and think about my r/s problem ...

I was like 11 years old when I last took a trip on board this ship, haha and it still looks MAJESTIC!

Sentosa! Universal Studios!

Stayed in my room after my business research =) ... got comfy and read my favourite mag "Top Gear" just love Jeremy Clarkson's articles =D

It is just unbelievable what us humans ... which as a species seems like merely the size of an ant on earth to built such incredible machines ....

Thanks to this trip, I had my mind keep thinking of the choices I had in front of me and to make the right one, for me and my partner =)

I did and it is a great one =D

Talking about machines ... I had a race last 27th Dec on my new Truck!!! (baby is going to kill me after she knows I got a new one !) but anyway as I was saying ...

Clean Clean Truggys

Lined up and ready to RACE!!!

The Aftermath!!! as usual hahahah!

Thanks to all my readers still sticking to my blog!!!

Happy New Year!!! Hope that everything good comes your way this 2010!

Cryil : Money Maker

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