30 April 2005

DARN!!! my pc has been super easy to damage seems that it just spoil everytime i have time to use it ... all my pictures been deleted i guess it's in repairs, i am using my brother's pc hopefully i can get my pc back asap

8:58 AM

16 April 2005

Well exams ended hahahaha cool!!!!

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EH i think wrong picture hahaha not bad ah ? i can act evil hahaha

Well althought i didn't do well for computer programming (the last paper)


WOOO!!!! hahaha chalet at Pasir Ris Park

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looky at the amount of people?

Well something interesting that happened when we were haveing bbq was .. . . 2 cats having XXX right behind us . .. .

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hahaha bbq masters huh?

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Beng Satay & Chicken Wingz

Thx to Guan Zong we had PS2 to play hahaha everyone was perspiring all over and it truly felt uncomfortable even in da room . . . . when the air-con only works when the doors are close . . . we were also playing games hahahah


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An interesting picture . . .

On the 1st night, we played a card guessing game, the loser drinks .. . u know drink what bah well i lost 2 rounds but i really didn't want to drink so i only drank for 1 lost round and thx to Li Cong he drank it up for me, but well . . . i shouldn't have allowed him to . . . what happened after almost all the guys are drunk was really unthinkable . .

Li Cong - Puke 3 times and was pretty upset about some personal problems.
Guan Zong - Went to sleep and was even more lamer and crazier.
Shu Herng - Puke
Andrew - didn't puke but was drunk
Melvin - Bad mood and started eating bread not stopping . .

Leaving only me, Alvin, Theresa, Cheryl & Vicki still ok

i was like a nurse going all over to help out and was alittle unenjoyable and was pretty sad that the so called enjoyable chalet trip was sorta spoiled . . ..

Well but on the second day i sorta try to let everyone forget of what happened on the 1st night and it truly felt better when everyone was wide awake, except me, Teresa and Vicki who only slept an hour due to the wreckage and the super insufficient space to sleep. . .

1:42 PM

06 April 2005

well just wanna say that i have been very very busy and my memory card reader was borrowed by my brother hence i can't place pictures up DARN!!! well exams till next week only can await for the exams to end!!!

8:34 PM